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Issue Highlights

Oct 2015

No COLA, No Cry & Medicare Cost Increases download pdf

Sept 2015

The Dog Days of Late Summer download pdf

Aug 2015

The Deficit Shrinks Again & Rent or Buy download pdf

July 2015

Brink of Grexit & The Bears Invade Shanghai download pdf

June 2015

The Upper Uppers. download pdf

Apr 2015

Return on College. download pdf

Mar 2015

Rollover Rules; Beware Tax Trap. download pdf

Feb 2015

Malware Protection. download pdf

Jan 2015

529 College Savings Update. download pdf

Nov 2014

CAPE Fear: Valuation Ratios +Market Timing. download pdf

Oct 2014

Market Commentary. download pdf

Aug 2014

Behind the Risk Curtain. download pdf

June 2014

The Certainty Principle. download pdf

Feb 2014

Rate Expectation. download pdf

Jan 2014

Surprise, No Selloff in 2013.  download pdf

Sept 2013

Balancing Your Fixed Income Decisions. download pdf

June 2013

The Art of Letting Go download pdf


Spring Newsletter download pdf

Apr. 2013

Investment Market Review for Q1 2013. download pdf

Mar. 2013

Market Commentary & He Called It. download pdf

Feb. 2013

Investment Market Review for Q4 2012. download pdf

Jan. 2013

Investment Market Review for Q4 2012. download pdf

Dec. 2012

The Fiscal Cliff and 2012 End of Year Tax Planning & The Road to Serfdom. download pdf

Oct. 2012

The Top Ten Money Excuses & Another Wall of Worry. download pdf

Oct. 2012

Investment Market Review for Q3 2012. download pdf

Aug. 2012

Knightmare on Wall St & The Cost of Safety. download pdf

July 2012

The Death of Equities. download pdf

June 2012

Betting on a Sure Winner. download pdf

Apr. 2012

Owning Your Employer's Stock & Review of Q1. download pdf

Mar. 2012

Tax Planning for 2013 & The Tradeoff: Preserving Capital or Purchasing Power. download pdf

Feb. 2012

Gold Investing. download pdf

Jan. 2012

Investment Market Review for 4th Quarter 2011. download pdf

Oct. 2011

Investment Market Review for 3rd Quarter 2011. download pdf

Sept. 2011

US Government Downgrade. download pdf

Aug. 2011

Government Debt and the Stock Market Investor. download pdf

July 2011

Will Apple be the World’s Largest Stock? & The Best of Times, the Worst of Times. download pdf

May 2011

The U.S. Stock Market – What is a Fair Price? & What’s New About a New Normal? download pdf

Apr. 2011

Deconstructing Warren Buffett & The Payroll Tax Holiday.
download pdf

Mar. 2011

Small Cap Stock Premiums & Debt, Deficits, and Market.
download pdf

Feb. 2011

Resolutions Resolved & Does Monetary Expansion Stoke Inflation?
download pdf

Jan. 2011

2011 Payroll Tax Holiday & Roth IRA Conversions
download pdf

Dec. 2010

End of Year Tax Planning
download pdf

Oct. 2010

Low fees equals high performance, the role of fixed income
download pdf

Sept. 2010

Third Quarter Market Review
download pdf

Aug. 2010

2011 Tax changes: Tax Relief, Healthcare & AMT Taxes
download pdf

July 2010

Second Quarter Review & Active Managers vs. Index Funds
download pdf

Jun. 2010

The Importance of Rebalancing & Dollar-cost averaging
download pdf

May 2010

Market volatility in persective & Managing inflation risks
download pdf

Apr. 2010

Diversifying your portfolio with Real Estate & REIT funds
download pdf

Mar. 2010

Last minute tax tips and predicting the future
download pdf

Feb. 2010

New credit card laws and protecting your assets
download pdf

Jan. 2010

New Tax info for 2010
download pdf

Dec. 2009

Year End Tax Planning; how to reduce your 2009 taxes
download pdf

Nov. 2009

The Year in Review, Looking Forward, & Converting to Roth IRAs
download pdf

Aug. 2009

How to find a financial Planner
download pdf

Jun. 2009

The US Investor & Target Date Funds
download pdf

May 2009

Saving for College; 529 Plans & Financial Aid
download pdf

Apr. 2009

Active Managed vs. Index Funds, Volatile markets, Gold investing
download pdf

Feb. 2009

Premier edition: Madoff, detecting fraud, new 09 tax laws
download pdf

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